Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Ok u guys are gonna hate this.But I was gonna ask you if u guys could help me figure out the white guy in this group.
I was gonna ask like, what is his demorgraphic?what is he going 4 cause I don't get it?then, I was gonna let all u blog trolls tear into him,cause that's what you do best(even though there's message board)    But  then,  I decided to do a little research.Come to find out dudes name is Charles chacoan and now he looks all cool and hip and indie.then I check out his wiki and homeboy really flips the script on me!
I come to find, homeboy use to be in a band with the legendary cliff burton!cliff was in a band you may have heard of called metalica this same group featured mike bordin of faith no more! Now days he plays with some babe in a underground electronic group called polyamourous affair they were featured on a David Bowie tribute comp with none other than blacklips sister band the Vivian girls! Any ways they played this video on the airplane and it kind of got stuck in my head and it's kind of guilty pleasure now.Is something wrong with me?reminds me of a budget smokey robinson meets hall and Oates.(hope i don't get kicked off the deerhunter blog after this. :/ )